The Easter Rising of 1916 was the beginning of the Irish revolutionary period, 1916 to 1923 – seven turbulent years in Irish history.

Week by week, The Revolution Papers will bring you the most important Irish newspapers from that time, reprinted exactly as they appeared almost one hundred years ago.

Inside The Revolution Papers you will find national and local newspapers; newspapers from south and north; republican, nationalist and unionist newspapers; banned newspapers; even Irish newspapers from America, allowing you to read for yourself, from all points of view, about the historic events as they were making the news.

The Revolution Papers will give you a comprehensive selection of full-size, facsimile newspapers to keep. You will be able to hold these real newspapers and turn the pages, reading about the news as it was happening, just as our grandparents and great-grandparents did.

The Revolution Papers will give you a glimpse of what life was really like during that tumultuous time.

Each issue of The Revolution Papers comes with background and commentary from today's experts on Irish history, helping us increase our understanding of this most important chapter in Ireland's past.


YEAR-BY-YEAR: 1923-1949

  • 1923: The Irish Free State joins the League of Nations
  • 1924: The Army Mutiny threatens to undermine the Irish government
  • 1925: The Boundary Commission confirms the partition of Ireland into two states
  • 1926: Éamon de Valera founds Fianna Fáil
  • 1927: Kevin O’Higgins, a leading government minister, is assassinated in Dublin
  • 1928: The Free State introduces far-reaching censorship legislation
  • 1929: The Wall Street Crash causes financial chaos throughout the world
  • 1930: Gandhi’s Salt March challenges British rule in India
  • 1931: Éamon de Valera founds the Irish Press newspaper
  • 1932: The Army Comrades Association, the Blueshirts, is founded in Ireland
  • 1933: Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party take power in Germany
  • 1934: Fianna Fáil creates the Volunteer Force, a part-time militia
  • 1935: Ireland is rocked by sectarian rioting
  • 1936: Aer Lingus makes its first commercial flight
  • 1937: Ireland adopts a new constitution, whose drafting was supervised by de Valera
  • 1938: The Free State and the UK agree to end the six-year ‘economic war’
  • 1939: Germany invades Poland and begins the Second World War
  • 1940: The Battle of Britain takes place
  • 1941: Belfast is bombed by the Luftwaffe
  • 1942: The United States halts the Japanese advance at the Battle of Midway
  • 1943: The German army suffers a major defeat at Stalingrad
  • 1944: On D-Day, the Allies launch a massive invasion of German-held territory
  • 1945: The Second World War comes to an end with the defeat of Germany and Japan
  • 1946: Clann na Poblachta, a new political party, is formed in Ireland
  • 1947: India becomes an independent nation within the British Commonwealth
  • 1948: The first inter-party government is formed and later declares an Irish republic
  • 1949: Ireland officially becomes the Republic of Ireland